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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
August 30th – Sept 27th
Off 6:00pm PLAYer
6:00pm PAR
Tex Consolver
August 31st – Sept 28th
Off 6:00pm PLAYer
6:00pm PAR
August 29th – Sept 26th
Off 6:00pm PLAYer
6:00pm PAR



PROGRAM Schedule for summer & fall of 2017

Greater Wichita chapter of the first tee

Each session is multiple weeks long and you choose from one of the 3 days available a week. The sessions will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. There are 3 options per day at most courses during the Summer Session, 2 in the evening starting at 6:00 pm, with the second class starting at 10:30 am,  and the evening course begins at 6:00 pm.  (The Spring and Fall Sessions will be only held during the evening starting at 6:00pm) (Summer camp would still be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but instead of coming once a week, you will come three all three days).

Session Dates
Summer Session : May 23rd – July 13th – $70
Summer Half Session: June 20th – July 13th – $40
Summer Camp (all three days T, W, Th -3 classes times to choose from): August 1st  – Aug 10th- $70
Summer Session 2 (3 week night class 6:00pm) – July 25th – August 10th – $45
Fall Session:  August 29th – September 28th  – $50
Session Times
Summer Session : May 23rd – July 13th see schedule above
Summer Camp: 9a – 11:30a, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Starting August 1st  – Aug 10th- $70
(Participants come every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday day for Three weeks)
Summer Night Sessions: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – (Pick one day a week, and attend once a week)
Fall Session: classes start at 6:00p and end at 7:15p each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
(Pick one day a week, and attend once a week)


National School Program

USD 259 Elementary Schools Schedule for 2016/17
Isley McLean Ortiz
Allen Lawrence Jackson
Woodland Adams Clark
Caldwell Beech McCollom
Bostic Earhart Enterprise
Minneha Jefferson Benton
Park Chisholm Kensler
OK Christa McAuliffe Washington
Selzer Black Payne